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- The Gym squad of it's Rock side
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>> Metal-District / April 2009


Wow, it took me some time to get through the complicated Band history of frantic on march. Though how many draw backs, various changes of musicians since we founded the band in the year of 2002, and those where a lot, now we stand fresh and motivated ready to start again, and I have to admit it would have been a shame if frantic on march’s would have kept the second output “Exit” to itself. The CD has only six songs, but the quality is very convincing. Lead singer Moni Dix leads us with her smoky voice through dark melancholic tracks, where as with her first song “Exit” it shows good quality, and it is a sensitive and variety of crossover sound, paired with musical sense and dark song structure. ”Seeds of silence” shows itself a little less powerful and lighter the “Exit”, and ends a little to fast. Otherwise a very good going song. “Playground” has a deducted melody sound, never the less it is convincing, especially because of the grand vocals. The end has an excellent arrangement and must be real good sung live. Well, now we come to the point that I personally don’t like too much.

Because “Progress” is by far the poorest song on “Exit”, if you have to get used to the more speaking than singing, or the boring way the song goes, I cant say for sure. May be a little bit of all that makes the song lack sympathy. “Empty Inside” I like much better by a long way, very touchy and a little bit cheeky. The honoured finish “Precious Time” is a thorough balanced number, slow and fast parts change, but don’t borther each other, which happens with other bands at times. All in all, we can gratulate frantic on march to second CD. Well done. Hopefully the band has less change of musicians, and so can bring out more new songs soon.

Track List:
1. Exit
2. Seeds of Silence
3. Playground
4. Progress
5. Empty Inside
6. Precious Time

Report: Simone Nitsche

>> Metal-Hammer / March 2008


Tree men and a woman, to say three instrumentalist and female singer, make suma sumara Frantic on March- The hottest temptation since Doro. At that instance drummer Philipp Raiber nearly tears his drum basins, and guitarist Holger Terhorst brings the tubes of his amplifier glowing red hot. On top you get dark stories of the nasty things of live and a production to please the highest demands. Nothing more has to be said- the you find if you study the home page.

Matthias Mineur

>> Metal-Factory / October 2007


To keep a band going over years, even if business is knarrzt, is not an easy thing. Frantic on March, who’s home is on the Swiss/German border, had to struggle the last years with some personnel restructions. After the CD “RISE” which came out 2003 ,and was not really a hit, they present themselves now 4 years later , and as mentioned Line-up change, stronger then ever. The six songs, presented on the EP “Exit” seemed to be on first instance unbelievable scant and minimalist, but they develop after duration a certain charm. In-between alternative-celebrities like Fu Manchu or Kyuss and even heavier Combos, or moderates Pantera groove hit you a ton weight of Riffs, now and then interrupted of clean, southern rock like (“Seeds of Silence”) but from dark sounds as well.

Convincing war above all the drummer Lothar Siebler, who gave the whole thing with his creative drumming the needed drive. One has to write a little less positive about the front woman Moni Dix, who, with her low singing, could be compared with the Canadian group Kitty, or be of one (not so clean) Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes) reminded (“Empty Inside”). Former as the scream organ of the German thrasher Sardonic on the road, the strange sound can not always convince. but sounds in comparison to the previous output of Frantic on March fairly superior. In the quality of the sound they improved consider-ably on (“EXIT”) which was due to the decision to let O V Pulver do the mastering in his little Creek Studio. Clearly audible potential which will be, with constant Band members, hopefully come to good...

Report: Kissi

Points: 7.3 von 10

>> Regiomusik / September 2007


On august the 1st the new and second silverling of the Lörracher band Frantic on March came out. This, short of 20 minutes disc “Exit” with altogether 6 songs, all self written, sounds good. The opener, same name as the disc starts with an crystal clear Bass-Intro, then tries to defend itself with out hope against an inferno brachial guitar sound. Ephemera’s Party guitarist and sound technique Michael “ANO” Piranio who tone technological finds himself responsible for this album , sends greetings, and has build again a thick guitar wall – with out cutting the sound.

The result was a Metal-sound-picture delicatessen. And if the musicians play to the point , and put in enough musical invasion, you have an interesting and eventful hearing treat. And exactly that is the case when the three experienced musicians Holger Terhorst (Guitar),Alex Scherz(Bass) and Philipp Raiber (Drummer) and the explicit front woman and singer Moni Dix are at work. The fact that Philipp Raiber (drums Ephemera’s Party)was hired drummer at the start of this year, was the cream topping.

After the recording session was finished Lothar Siebler joint as the bands new drummer. ”Frantic on March” has shown that with their actual Album they have kept truly to their style. Though the Combo reduced itself from 6 to 4 persons, the metal sound comes over powerful and explosive as always . Hard guitar griffs and difficele guitar-chorus-plugs. You can see a development. Songs like” Progress” and “Empty Inside” are short and crisp. Unnecessary musical ballast was thrown over board and they nearly did without guitar solo through the whole album . Only “Play Ground” and “Empty Inside” ended with a short and effective Solo. With the help of good placed breaks it had a really surprising effect. The text writing came on also. The vocal comes on rounder and has a stronger expression as before , the German lyrics belong to the past. The songs are kept short and have different sounds that without a dough they wont be boring even after you hear them a few times. The whole thing was mastered in V. O.´ s Little Creek Studio and the photos where taken by Nicole Scherz. The album is short but fine musical treat which you should not miss.

Order under for 5,- Euro.

5 of 6 points

1. Exit
2. Seeds of Silence
3. Playground
4. Progress
5. Empty Inside
6. Precious Time

Report: Heiko Trefzger

>> Rockhard / October 2004

Rise (19:31)

Frantic on march does not make it easy.
If you try to describe their style, you have to have a few different draws open.
Or much better, leave them all closed. The band from Bad Säckingen celebrates a colorfull crossover-coctail, for which one served themselves of diverent genres. "Gänseblümchen" for instance remeinds a bit of the beginning of the nientiescrossover-projekt Megavier. Hard riffs stand side by side with melodic parts, where as the vocals on the five-track EP are devided between a male (Christian Mehlin) and a female voice (Moni Dix). On "Materielle Sicherheit" one overdone it a little with the raps and growls from rapper Christian. The melodic voice looses itself under the sound of her fellow singer. The concept, Christian German raps and Monis English Rockvoice side by side in "Free From Illusions" comes out to its best.

The production is good and even little details don't go under- not even the baby Babble at the end of the disc. For people, who go for deep-melancholic-hard-music, this sound should be really interessting.

Kontakt: frantic on march, c/o Alex Scherz, Schützenweg 5, 4104 Oberwihl/BL Schweiz


Report: Marcel Thenee

>> Mordor-Magazin / Februar 2003

The metallic underground

Underground Reviews

Frantic on March - Rise

Here we start with something really very interesting. Rotating on my CD Player is a firework of various influences. Frantic on March consists of six members, which come from four different countries. Germany, Switzerland, Italy and England are represented. So it is clear, that they are full of Ideas, but it is not a mater of fact that all can be put into practice. With so many influences I find it extremely hard to point out a direction. Frantic on March sound hard like SEPTULA, sound VIVA like OLI P., come over like a Heavy Metal Band, Clean guitar parts and Rap like Eminem ! Well, I hope you see my problem. Each one of the five songs on the CD offers nearly all of the named influences. At the slow and melodic passages, they use the feminine tough. Because of that the whole thing becomes a very pleasant note. In the grove passages , which sound very Crossover, German text is mostly used, which really sounds like OLI P. or Fanta 4. But I find that it is cool, because the hard Guitars are relative constant. In between, the aggressive power comes through. The vocals get low and it comes to the point, nearly Death Metal like! Frantic on March presents an Album, which one has to listen to a few times till one can grasp it. It is rather a demanding Album I would say. The technique of play and production is absolutely convincing. You can listen in under:

10 of 10 points

1.Free from Illusions
3.No Lovesong
4.Materielle Sicherheit
5.Tell me

>> Metal-Hammer / Dezember 2002


With frantic on march its concern a sextett, which has emerged from 3 Bands and with rise has given their first sign of live. Musicaly, the band around frontwoman Moni Dix, which shares the singing parts with her mate Christian Mehlin, looks over to the metallic side and combines hard metal-sound with rap-intervention. Nice mixture, which has been put neatly into scene. The way they play can't be criticized, but the composition parts show small weaknesses. The 5 titel of Rise are a bit to long, and frantic on march don't always make it to keep up the tension. Good intonations are clearly there, which means that the band is on the right way, and will certainly increase in the future. You can get the mini/cd for 7,- Euro (incl. post and package) under the following adress:
frantic on march, c/o Alex Scherz, Schützenweg 5, CH-4104 Oberwihl/BL


Report: Armin Schäfer
>> Sonnys Metal-Heaven / Juni 2002

Band: Frantic On March
Title of the Album: Rise
Playtime: 19:29 min
Label /Distribution: Eigenproduktion/ Deutschland
First appearance: 06.2002
Result of score: 7,5/ 10
Review: Juni/ 2002

Frantic on March is a Band from Bad Säckingen, who with "Rise", have introduced their first EP -in self directed recording-. With the illustrious six-pack, whose members are from four nations, (D/I/GB/CH), it is difficult to assign them into a certain direction of sound, because the band rocks itself, in one song, through various genres of metal and rap. The opener "Free from Illusions" moves somewhere between WARLOCK and BACKLASH, which through the well done, thrown in, RAPLINES AND YELLPARTS (SEPULTURA is sending it's love) shows it's own flair. The following number, sung in German "Gänseblümchen" , one could best paraphrase with DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER meets H- BLOCKX, while the quite number "No Lovesong" clearly moves to the Melodic-Rock-Terrain. Rap-Numbers, refined with finest melodic Choirs and raiser sharp Guitar riffs come powerful and like a crack out of the boxes, for that "Materielle Sicherheit" stands as a sponsor. This number, like the opener, singer Moni Dix and shouter Christian Mehlin outstandingly complement each other. In the final crack "Tell Me" it reminds of the powerful voice of DOROs modern excursion to "Machine II Machine" - times. All in all, "Rise" a real pleasing self production, which should be, because of it's spectrum, for the rock fans of different types of sounds very interesting. If you like to convince yourself of the quality of the Five-Trackers, you can do this under, you can get it for friendly 5-, Euro. Hopefully the Record company's will recognise the talent of the Band, so that FRANTIC ON MARCH will soon fill us with enthusiasms.

Sonnys Metal-Heaven

1. Free From Illusions
2. Gänseblümchen
3. No Lovesong
4. Materielle Sicherheit
5. Tell Me

Thanks to:
Alex@Frantic On March
>> Legacy / 01.11.2007


Sometimes life doesn’t go the straight and easy way, it glides in curves and takes surprising turns. These circumstances lead at times to positive and unusual meetings. That is how you could the story about Frantic on March from the deep south.

At the beginning we have the two former Eyehatefish-musicians Holger (guitar) and Alex (bass), who after a long creative regeneration, decided to go on their musical way. Although they new what they where aiming at, it took a while till finally found Moni Dix (Vocals) to cover the important post of a front woman. Still the personnel change came to no end. The basic constitution stood 2002 but it took to the year 2005 to have it firm and complete. After two years and uncounted gigs in the south of Germany, the EP "Exit" is on the start. At first sight the new Band constellation may be unusual, we have Moni, born in England, on board, the rest of us are German-Swiss. Do we have problems with the rehearsal? How did we get to meet Moni? We all live more or less in the area, on the Swiss boarder, and it is for Alex a throw of a stone. Our new drummer Lothar has the longest way, it takes him an hour to get to the rehearsing room. Moni grew up in Germany and has an intensive experience with the Thrash Band Sardonic. The band has a wider spectrum. The Music: a solemn dark and introvert mix of Metal and Rock, that how the band transcribes her sound. You cant compere them with other bands, although the one or other finds himself reminded of Tool. The band is not amused about that, or the comparison or request to write their own sound. We think we have a mix of Metal and Rock, we don’t want to be compered with other bands.

In the end its about having fun, the band puts out clearly. Although the band wishes not to be compared, the sound of the quartet seams to get out of known Quells and it is more then the sum of details. Everybody has an idol. We hear just about everything from AC/DC, Metallica to Dimmu Borgier. They often ask us: Declare your sound. We are happy to say that we have our own style and don’t copy other bands. In the years we have been true to our style and have developed ourselves. A true word, because one can recommend the open listener to make up their own mind of FRANTIC ON MARCH And EXIT as one can not really describe the sound correctly. The band is aiming to Produce a skilled object. To start with the cover, to the very personal text and the noticeable singing of Moni Dix, the text to Playground is about zombie Michael Jackson and child abusing, where as Progress is about the difficulty of the individuals to keep up with the continual advanced Technique.


Report: Daniel A. Rabl

© Legacy

>> Spunk / 23.10.2002

Hard Beat from Bad Säckingen
Frantic on March: Powerful Guitar sound combined Drum's and Bass.

Not long ago you could hear them in the Gemeindehalle in Nordschwaben near Rheinfelden.
The Bad Säckinger formation "Frantic on March" convinced around 200 fans with explosive and infectious Crossover mixed with an enormous load of Power Metal. A good year ago the band was founded, now they are bringing their first Demo-CD "Rise" on the market. The five Boys are coming from four Nations Christian Mehlin (vocal), Alex Scherz (Bass), Valerio "Vali" Bono (Drums), Salvatore "Salvo" Di Pressa (Guitar), Holger Terhorst (Guitar), and front woman Moni Dix (vokal). In their songs they combine the most different musical elements: Powerful Guitar sound underlined with hard Bass-Drum-Rhythm build the basis, on which Christian and Moni - sometimes until total exhaustion-give it all. Moni Dix takes care of the lyric parts, while Christian Mehlin gives about everything from rap-songs to heavy screaming parts. Totally different are the melodic orientated Clean Parts, which are ballads ornamented, soon flow into recognisable hard song elements. The transitions are clear defined -the six musicians know something about their business. Known refrains help to find recognition by the fans. What you find on the Album, by the way, Michal"Ano" Piranio ("Ephemeras Party") took care of the technical part of the sound, you find live done at least as good. Because there the Liveshow and Music goes right into the stomach.

The Album "Rise" goes crosswise through the now one hourly Repertoire of the band and presents five highlights of the thirteen self written songs. Among them the hit suspected songs "Free from Illusions" and "Gänseblümchen" in a hard sound a song that asked about true friendship. All in All the CD rocks for no Compromise.

Who wants to see the Bad Säckinger Band live , has the chance on Saturday the 19 th of October, 2000 at the Lörracher Burghof. Frantic on March plays at the VI. Metal-Forces Festival with Mystic Circle, Blackend and Luna. The CD for 5.- Euro and more to the band you find under:

Report: Heiko Trefzger


>> Südkurier / 10.07.2002

Four nationalities and one Music

Frantic on March is the name of the new band which will present itself on the coming saturday the 13th of July to the public. For one year already those six young people between 20 and 30 years of age are practising in the practice room in the Haus der Jugend.

Frantic on March: That is Christian Mehlin (Vocals), the Swiss Alex Scherz (Bass), the Italians Valeri "Vali" Bono (Drums) and Salvatore "Salvo" Di Pressa (Guitar), the English Moni Dix (Vocals) and Holger Terhorst (Guitar). All members of the band had already previous experience with other bands. Their musical trend goes into the line of Cross Over and Rock, whereas the musicians are not in agreement over it. Alex, Moni and Holger grew up with the music of the 80th. Christian, Bono and Salvo with music of recent times. That is why the level of the style of music is mixed. The band plays only their own compositions. Pure instrumental pieces are also in the repertoire of the band.

"Our text come out of our stomach, and describe our experience of earlier times" Christian Mehlin tells us. "My singing goes from Rap to Screaming" Christian about himself. And he gives us a sample of what he is able to do, unequivocal screaming. Moni Dix is in her singing the melodic part. The lyrics are in english and german, sometimes both languages mixed in one song.

A lucky coincidence brought those member of the band together. Alex Scherz from Switzerland and his mate Holger Terhorst wanted to set up a new band. We where searching for new members through the Newspapers, Terhorst told us. Salvo auditioned on his guitar and we took him straight away. He recommended his friend Vali, who actual learned to play guitar. At one time the drummer quit, remembered Vali. In short, he tried the drums and found out that he did it better then playing the guitar he told us with a grin on his face.

Moni Dix played a bit coy at the beginning. She had been singing in a band before, but paused for a long time. "It took some power of persuasion from the boys Moni remem-bers. But in the meantime she maintains herself among them as the only woman in the band. She said, "At one time I realised that I had to defend myself or I would have fallen down".

Christian appeared at our rehearsing one day and ask if he could join us. Now the band was complete. In the meantime, Frantic on March recorded their first CD with 5 songs. You can buy the CD for 5 Euro during the concert at the Waldbad. Frantic on March do not have any stagefright. "We have fun making the music" says Alex. Of course we are eager to know how it reaches the public taste. It is our job to prepare the fans for the main band.

Admittance to the concert in the Waldbad is at 7.00 pm. The concert will begin at 9.00 pm. More info to the band under:

Susanne Kanele


>> Südkurier / 10.10.2002

With a force full load of Power-Metal

The Bad Säckinger formation "Frantic on March", with the sound full name of the region, their fan-community is getting bigger. "Frantic on March" that is explosive tearing crossover, mixed with a force-full load of Power-Metal. The Bad Säckinger formation "Frantic on March" was born a year ago and since then. They have made a name for themselves in the region. With different Events and Concerts, the Band has no problems to fill their fans with enthusiasm. With help of their new Demo-CD "Rise", "Frantic on March" managed to get a growing fan-community.

The five boys Christian Mehlin (Vocal), Alex Scherz (Bass), Vallerio "Vali" Bono (Drums), Salvatore "Salvo" Di Pressa (Guitar), Holger Terhorst (Guitar), and front- women Moni Dix (Vocal), which come from four different Nations, unite in their songs, the different inspirations and elements: powerful Guitar sound underlined with a hard Bass Drum rhythm, build the grounds on which the Vocals Christian and Moni, sometimes work to a total exhaustion. That's where Moni dose the lyric parts, where Christian has a broad spectrum of a RAP-Vocal, with hard screaming effects.

Truly opposite to this, stand the Melodic orientated Clean-Parts with near Ballad influence which flows into recognisable hard-song elements. On top of this, the refrain takes care of recognition by the fans. "It is important to us that our songs have a round sound, without getting boring. That means, the single parts like verse, bridge and refrain fit together and go seamless into each other", said Frantic on March. And that is what they do-and not only on their album, especially when performing live. The transitions are clearly defined and shows that the six Musicians know something about their business and are not doing their job for the first time.

The Album mentioned, "Rise", of which Micheal "Ano" Pirano ("Ephemera's Party") took over the sound technical part, shows a diagonal cut of the one hour repertoire of the Band, and presents five highlights out of the thirteen compositions they wrote themselves. Among them the opening song, which is Hit suspected, "Free from Illusion" followed by,- considering the Heavy sound ironically, - "Gänseblümchen" titled song, which puts the question of Friendship in front of all. All in all, the CD rocks without compromise. Never the less "Frantic on March", when on stage, are able to put one on top of it. Liveshow, Music and deciblestrength goes without mercy directly into the stomach..

Who wants to see the Band live has always an opportunity.
Last Saturday you could hear Frantic together with Ratsbane, Itchi, Poopzkid and Troppo Fuso in the community hall Nordschwaben near Rheinfelden. Frantic on March will play on the 19. October in the Burghof Lörrach at the VI Metal-Forces Festival together with Mystic Circle, Blackend and Luna. The Concert starts at 9.00 pm.

The CD can be bought at the concert or over the homepage, which is, by the way worth a look, for 5 Euro.

Heiko Trefzger


>> Badische Zeitung / 08.10.2002

The Gym squad of it's Rock side

Heavy Metal Sound in the Nordschwabenhall/Promoter was satisfied with the Resonance.

Nordschwaben (pem). Under the regime of the local Gym squad, the second Rock festival took place in the Nordschwaben Halle. Around 200 Visitors where enthusiastic. With this number the organiser (Iris Bruno) was satisfied. At this event for Heavy Metal Fans played four Bands. The two from Nordschwaben, Pino, Bruno and Roger Leisinger belong to the Band "Troppo Fuso". Because of them the Rock festival came to the Dinkelberg last year. They wanted to introduce themselves live to their home community. Beside this Holger Sibold and Martin Voss from Efringen- Kirchen belong to "Troppo Fuso".

The first event a year ago was a big success, so the Gym squad as promoter decided to continue. The sound of the Band "Troppo Fuso" goes into Melodic-Punk. The Band "Ratsbane" dates back to 1995, they come from Pforzheim. Their focal point is Folk rock. "Itchy poopzkid" fused in the year 2001. Sibbi, Dani, and Tobi play every weekend on a stage between Flensburg and Bodensee Punk rock. "Frantic on March" is a year old as well. The members, from Bad Säckingen, have made a new CD with the title "RISE".

Petra Müller

© Badische Zeitung

>> Südkurier / 16.07.2002

The Top Concert could safe the Rain-Beach-Party

First appearance of "Frantic on March" with Ephemera's Party within the bounds of "Rock and Fun" at the Säckinger Waldbad.

The season of the open Air Concerts has started some time ago, but the weather didn't play along with the promoters. That is why the Beach Party on Saturday in the Bad Säckinger Waldbad was a wet business because it rained without a stop. But that could not stop the promoters and the two Bands "Frantic on March" and Ephemera's Party to give their best on the Truck Band stage. Although the rain did not stop until midnight, it could not keep the approximate 50 fans, who obviously appeared because of the Bands despite the weather, to give the boys a real laud feedback.

The up-beat at 9.00 pm made Frantic on March with the song Free from Illusion. The formation from Bad Säckingen with Moni Dix and Christian Mehlin (vocals) Holger Terhorst and Salvo di Pressa (guitars), Alex Scherz (bass) and Vali Bono at the drums started success-fully, it turned them on with hard Metalriffs and explosive sound and let the fans forget the rain and cold for some time. The band laid down a fully developed Crossover Power Metal sound with melodic and tuneful guitar-Chorus
Rap invasions and at times exces-sive screaming. Frantic on March introduced their debut album with 5 titles which you can get over the Internet home page of the Band for Euro 5.

Heiko Trefzger

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